About Dr. Morse

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Dr. Joanne K. Morse is a Certified Community Herbalist after taking a 200 hour course in herbalism. She also has 12 years of teaching Alternative Medicine, the emphasis on herbs, at the HU School of Pharmacy.  Dr. Morse  taught anatomy and physiology for 17 years and pharmacology for 3 – her specialty being the nervous system.  Her book – How Low Can You Go – Nutritional Limbo, was published in 2008 and used to help students understand how nutrition impacted their ability to learn.  She has published several articles on herbs and disease states as well as bio-terrorism over the last few years.

Dr. Morse retired June of 2015 and is now living in Saxapahaw, N.C. Dr. Morse lives on just over a half acre. Just big enough to grow many of her own herbs.

This blog is intended to open the public’s eyes as to the possibilities of herbs as medicine. There is a lot of information on the web about herbs, but they don’t always give references so you don’t know if the information is legitimate or accurate. Also one site tends to copy from another so they all seem to support the information. However, if the first site is wrong then all those who copy the info are wrong.

Dr. Morse’s blogs will include references whenever possible and she will always tell you to talk to your primary care physician when thinking of using any supplement or herb.