Angel is growing

My little chicken, Angel, is getting bigger. She is now in the coop with the full grown chickens. The first couple of days I thought she would be attacked by the rooster. She would follow macho man (the rooster) around and every time he pecked at food she would go for the same piece and eat it. If he actually got something in his mouth she would peck at it an take it away. I expected him to peck at her but he never did.

He let her take what ever she wanted. It’s really funny to watch. The only thing I can think that would explain it it she is still peeping. I guess the rooster knows she is still a baby and he watches over her and lets her eat whatever she wants.

The hens are not so forgiving and Angel knows it. She does not take anything from them.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Love to hear your take on the subject