New Psoriasis Salve

Here is a short description of my salves for those of you who do not know about them.

Migraine Headaches – with bay and feverfew

Ecalyptus – is milder than Vicks and doesn’t contain petroleum jelly

Natural insect repellent – with basil and lemon grass – return customer claims it works well

Poison Ivy, sun burn, rashes, bug bites – with aloe vera

General skin healing, more serious burns – with calendula an herb that stimulates new skin cells

Pain, sciatic, joint, etc. – with arnica – gives amazing pain relief

My Newest salve contains several herbs with actions that should help with psoriatic patches.

psoriatic relief salve- with ginseng, green tea, ginger, turmeric,fig, celery, fennel, and 1-2 drops DMSO for absorption

All large 2 oz tins are $8 and smaller 1 oz are $6. Exception is Arnica for pain – that is an endangered species so it is extremely expensive. Pain salve is $10 for 2 oz and $8 for 1 oz.

Come by the farmers market on Saturday and see what else I have.

Love to hear your take on the subject