Tea History

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Some interesting history facts:


Tea has been around for thousands of years in every part of the world. The drinking of tea started about 3000 years ago in China and through the trade routes made it around the world. It started out as a medicinal concoction but eventually began being used just as a stimulating drink.

Then Japanese turned tea drinking into a ceremonial event that was partly religious in nature. The cultured elite drank hand-made green tea until about 1868. At that time machines were introduced and manufacturing of tea began.(1)

Interestingly, after the Boston Tea Party Americans did not drink as much tea because they thought it might seem unpatriotic. In fact tea drinking was avoided even before the tea party in response to the tea tax.(2)

Used for health, both mental and physical, and comfort in difficult times, tea – especially herbal tea can contain several active components. It is interesting to note that in ancient times the power of tea was already understood intuitively.

Herbal teas can be both wonderful to taste and healthy for the body. The varieties are endless when you think of all the possible combinations of herbs that can be used.


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